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awesome new DSLR rig

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Nice visualization from the NYT

New York Times Movie Graphic

Conveying data that spans more than 2 dimensions is classically difficult. In fact, successful representations like the map of Napoleon’s march from CJ Minard are celebrated. I saw this Flash thing from the New York Times representing box office returns from Hollywood films and I was really impressed how nice a job it did showing some disparate things in a cohesive way. Worth taking a look at if you think about this kind of stuff.

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final nail in the coffin of HD DVD? / Home UK / UK – Paramount in HD DVD blow

Paramount is poised to drop its support of HD DVD after Warner Brothers’ recent backing of Sony’s Blu-ray technology, in a move that will sound the death knell of HD DVD and bring the home entertainment format war to a definitive end.

Paramount and DreamWorks Animation, which makes the Shrek films, came out in support of HD DVD last summer, joining General Electric’s Universal Studios as the main backers of the Toshiba format.

However, Paramount, which is owned by Viacom, is understood to have a clause in its contract with the HD DVD camp that would allow it to switch sides in the event of Warner Bros backing Blu-ray, according to people familiar with the situation.

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Warner switches to Blu-ray exclusively, end of HD DVD?

Maybe the studios are starting to realize that continuing the war between the formats is only succeeding in slowing DVD sales (which were down for the first time year-to-year in 2007). Maybe they are afraid that without a successful HD-format story, both formats will lose to downloading. For whatever reason, the US’s largest seller of DVDs has now endorsed Blu-ray. Can the HD DVD consortium reverse this decision? Does anyone even care anymore?

Warner Backs Blu-ray, Tipping DVD Scales

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Striking Writers look for new opportunities where they can own it all

Striking writers in talks to launch Web start-ups – Los Angeles Times

Dozens of striking film and TV writers are negotiating with venture capitalists to set up companies that would bypass the Hollywood studio system and reach consumers with video entertainment on the Web.

This has been expected since the strike began. The writers are frustrated with the system and realizing that they can own it all. The musicians have been living this for a while, but it takes a bit more people to produce a tv show than an album. That doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Look at all the episodic stuff on the web these days. Let a million small studios bloom!

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