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Free and Open Source Software | Audio/Video ngo-in-a-box

[via Chris Pirillo’s Picks]

Audio Video Edition: Specially Selected Free and Open Source Software | Audio/Video ngo-in-a-box

Nice collection of links to the best Open Source digital media software for all platforms.

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Luxeed Keyboard

Luxeed KeyboardCreate Digital Motion » Luxeed Keyboard with Interactive Lighting: Perfect Gigging QWERTY?

Those using Live for doing live audio or similar programs for video (or gamers) are in a constant hunt for the perfect keyboard companion to their exploits. Also, video editors, audio editors and anyone who spends multiple hours of the day in an application with a zillion keyboard shortcuts.

The Optimus keyboard has been long in coming, but was the great hope. If this keyboard actually ships in a reasonable period of time, could it be a realistic option? It looks like it has a multi-color LED under each key, which allows you to set the color of each key separately. That isn’t the same thing as actually having a picture or word on each key, but it can at least remind you that jkl is for your transport and [] is for your begin and end clip by having them be different colors.

also, it looks cool.

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AppleInsider | Parallels preps major update to Windows virtualization software

AppleInsider | Parallels preps major update to Windows virtualization software

This is oh-so-very-cool. I have to run bootcamp on my mac book pro because I need to be using the full power of the GPU. This won’t completely obliviate that need, but it will mean that I won’t need to install XP twice on my little MBP so that I can pop into Outlook or IE if I need to without restarting. With the new version of Parallels, you can use your bootcamp partition as the root drive of your XP Parallels session. Also cool is that they’ll support other OSes nicely, which means you can drop a linux install on there too easily. This will be awesome for web designers because they won’t need to buy extra machines to validate stuff on. This may even get me back to installing some windows or liinux audio and video stuff again. There is a lot of freeware we mac folk miss out on.

I think this virtualization stuff is progressing exactly the way I want to see it. Next step is to find out how well the Macintels run Vista…

I wonder how long until either Apple or Microsoft buys Parallel Inc. The fact that they are located in Redmond probably speaks more to the fact that they are probably well staffed by former Microsofties than that they made their plan to be acquired at the beginning.

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