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As you can tell by the headers of pretty much any website I do (including this one). I am obsessed with the skies in Seattle. When we aren’t completely clouded over, we have some amazingly beautiful and interesting skies. For the last few years, I’ve been taking lotsa pictures of them. At some point I’ll put up a gallery as soon as I can get over the fact that people will be able to steal all my pictures (not quite completely bought into that part of web 2.0 yet) or I can get the gallery watermarking stuff to work.

Anyway, John Nack on Adobe, is an awesome blog. He is the product manager for Photoshop and is one of the more interesting and productive Adobe bloggers (way better than me). He had a post recently on Atmospheric photography with links to some stuff that I really dug, so I’m reposting them here: Some really amazing photos here of stars, the moon, and deeply interesting skies. With some animations as well. It is both in French and English. (also, nice modifications of the gallery templates).

Amunndn’s Photostream on flicker: Some really atmospheric (in the emotional sense) stuff. You look at them and assume they must be heavily photoshopped, but when you really look at them, you can see that he might be using a filter here and there, but they are real pics.

A collection of photos of some truly strange (and some truly beautiful) clouds.

Nicole Bengiveno created a set of photos called the “Essence of Atmosphere” for the New York Times. These are more atmospheric in the emotional sense, but they do an excellent job of conveying a mood in a very direct way.

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