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CNET tours ILM and posts the videos

Digital effects in Pirates of the Caribbean III | CNET

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Television and the long tail

[via The Long Tail]

The Television Revolution is at the Gates

This article is over a year old and still seems precient. We’re starting to see Indy filmmakers try to raise money this way, but they don’t have the dedicated audience that someone like Joss Whedon or Aaron Sorkin does. If someone at that level decided to go audience funded, they could kick start a whole new industry…

1 comment – Independent Movie Distribution

I’m embarassed that I didn’t point these guys out before. A nice way to get some more notice for your short-form video products: – Independent Movie Distribution.

As with any site like this, better read their agreement before giving it the ok. In general, their heart seems to be in the right place, but you are basically signing away all rights to your film for free. That means that if they make a zillion bucks off of it, you get zero. At least, their rights are non-exclusive and are simply cancellable (unlike many other sites). Also, they are a non-profit according to them. As I said, they have their hearts in the right place, and I have only heard good things about them.

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new outlet / social networking for video artists

Your Gallery – Show your art to the world

It’s kind of a cool idea/major risk for a real-world very prestigious art gallery to open up its website to all artists, un-juried. It is also very cool and a major risk to have a video section on that site. For the moment, there is a chance for video artists to network and share their world. Get on it before it gets sued out of existence or canceled due to insane bandwidth costs…

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quite-good on-line experimental video art exhibition

Expanded Cinema is a nice curated collection of experimental or innovative short films that are being hosted round the net. What I like about it is that it is short in scope: 18 days, 18 films, handpicked. It was a manageable project and a quick and delightful watch.

(via Create Digital Motion)

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Does this genre have a name yet?

In the spirit of of the Shining Preview Remix, Chris Rule has remixed Mary Poppins into a horror movie trailer. I love these exercises, not only because they are funny, but also because they show the power of editing and soundtrack. This kind of thing would be a great project for a budding filmmaker.

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