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ProLost: RED Addresses the “DSLR Market”

Here I was getting all jazzed about the any-NAB-now DSLR from Red and then Stu Maschwitz throws a big cold shower on the whole thing… Good post though…

ProLost: RED Addresses the “DSLR Market”
RED is a lot like Apple entering the cell phone market. It takes an outsider to start over from scratch and shake up the assumptions that the staid players hold dear. But as an outsider it’s very difficult to just get the basics right.

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AVM02 review on CDM

Create Digital Motion does a review of the AV02 video mixer from Numark. Their opinion: not so bad, but the lack of Midi is a concern.

Read the full review here

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Luxeed Keyboard

Luxeed KeyboardCreate Digital Motion » Luxeed Keyboard with Interactive Lighting: Perfect Gigging QWERTY?

Those using Live for doing live audio or similar programs for video (or gamers) are in a constant hunt for the perfect keyboard companion to their exploits. Also, video editors, audio editors and anyone who spends multiple hours of the day in an application with a zillion keyboard shortcuts.

The Optimus keyboard has been long in coming, but was the great hope. If this keyboard actually ships in a reasonable period of time, could it be a realistic option? It looks like it has a multi-color LED under each key, which allows you to set the color of each key separately. That isn’t the same thing as actually having a picture or word on each key, but it can at least remind you that jkl is for your transport and [] is for your begin and end clip by having them be different colors.

also, it looks cool.

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Onyx VJ – Flash based VJ Mixer

Onyx 3.0 screenshot
More flashy-flash-flash for a snowy day in Seattle.

Onyx VJ – Flash based VJ Mixer

Check out the online demo, it is very fun. Plus bonus is that he is providing the source code which is just fabulous for learning some advanced flash stuff. Daniel Hai is my new hero.

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