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Novation almost gets it right

Novation just announced the ZeRO SL, which is essentially their ReMOTE SL without they KeYBOARD (see, I can play the capital letter game too, Novation). I’ve been lusting after Novation Controllers since the X-Station (which I still think looks awesome), but they have been too expensive for me to kick my Oxygen 8 to the curb. The ReMOTE SL definitely made me think about it again, but it was still kind of expensive and I don’t use a 25-key controller that often. The ZeRO SL is almost perfect in this department. It will fit above my computer keyboard, it will fit on top of my Keystation 88, it is small enough that I can bring it along for a gig, I could maybe even replace my trusty Peavey PC1600x.


WHERE IS THE X-Y PAD?!? It is one of the coolest things about the Novation controllers and they drop it? That is just plain stupid. Faders, buttons and knobs are great and all, but every controller has them. They are not hard to find. I would rather have a controller with 4 XY pads and 2 D-Beams that spit out midi. That would be worth the 229 pounds they want to charge for this. Honestly, for 229 GBP, you could buy a couple faderfox controllers (excluding VAT) and be happier.

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