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Soundtrack Pro needs some work

What kind of audio program doesn’t recognize external audio hardware?

Soundtrack Pro is pretty much a rip-off of Adobe Audition, including its single-track edit/multi-track record interface. One benefit would be its integration with Final Cut Pro, if there was any integration with FCP. I’m doing a soundtrack for a video project right now and I’d like to just product some tracks in Soundtrack Pro’s multitrack UI and them bring them directly back into FCP, but of course that is impossible in a direct way (like opening a FCP project in Soundtrack Pro). In the end, I had to export the video out of FCP and import it into Soundtrack Pro. Then I found my next problem, Soundtrack Pro doesn’t recognize my Firewire Audio interface, it just recognizes the built-in audio interfaces. That is just ridiculous. Even FCP recognizes my Firewire interface. Finally, I just gave up and imported the video file into a Cubase project. I’ll have to generate full-length stem mixes I guess and import them manually back into FCP, which will give me about the same level of integration that I was gonna get from Soundtrack Pro anyway, I guess.

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