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two neat internet photography projects

I like simple, but well executed, internet art experiments; especially when then combine more traditional forms.

Stop Motion StudiesDavid Crawford’s Stop Motion Studies are little slices of time, capturing motion, but in an obviously artificial way. Constrained to subway shots, he catches people in the quasi-personal-but-very-public times when they are seemingly relaxed, but also very aware. I think that these are incredibly effective at showing the thoughts in people’s minds much more than a single still image could be.

Urban Ghost is similar, yet different. Urban Ghost catches people in motion, on the street (for the most part), not in repose. These are not people consigned to getting there when they get there. These are people doing something, moving forward, even if they are just looking in a store window. Their dynamism is expressed in the single frame rather than in the multiple frames of the stop motion studies. As I said in my post on another blog, it reminds me a lot of Gary Winograd in the journalistic, yet voyeuristic nature of the images.

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