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Zoom halves the H4 in a good way

Zoom H2 photo

This is interesting, and I hadn’t seen it in any of the NAMM coverage until today. Zoom unveiled (without a press release it seems) a new solid-state stereo recorder during NAMM. It looks like a pretty simple, direct recorder with one nice feature: multiple microphone capsules with different patterns. It also has an external (I’m guessing 1/8″) microphone input with 5V power. While it doesn’t have the bells and whistles of some of the other portable recorders (XLR and Phantom power would be nice), it also doesn’t have some of the same unnessary crap either (an amp simulator?). The $199 price tag is perfect. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen a photo which gives some perspective on the actual size yet. If the A/D and quality of recording is as good as that of the H4, this might be really compelling.

If it is the right size, this may even work out better than the iTalkPro or MicroMemo that I was considering for on-the-go and spontaneous field recording…

Create Digital Music » Recording@NAMM: Zoom’s $199 USB H2 Mobile Mic/Recorder, Found in the Wild

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